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small air fryers review
The air fryer has taken America’s kitchens by storm. Everybody wants to have one in their kitchen. There are myriad of makers and sellers. The number of different brands of air fryers available has also increased over the years. Are you hesitating to purchase one due to a lack of space on your kitchen counter? Fortunately, manufacturers …
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Best Air Fryer Reviews

Can You Reheat Pizza in Air Fryer?

Reheat Pizza in Air Fryer
Did you just have a pizza party at home and have lots of leftover pizzas? Instead of using the oven or microwave to reheat the pizzas, you can reheat pizza in air fryer. It is much faster as compare to using the oven as you do not have to pre-heat the oven. When you use a microwave to reheat the leftovers, they just tend to be… well terrible, the cheese is usually piping hot in some areas and ice cold in others. It is tough to eat a soggy pizza. With the air fryer, you can enjoy crispy reheated leftover …
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