The 6 Best Air Fryer Cookbooks in 2023

Most of you who clicked on this link to look for air fryer cookbooks have probably heard of the air fryer craze-or maybe know someone who has. And who wouldn’t be addicted to an air fryer?

In recent years, air fryers have gained a lot of popularity and are becoming a common kitchen appliance. This machine produces delicious crispy fried food without using the vast amounts of oil needed for deep-frying.

Air fryers tend to be easy to use, but acquiring a new piece of cooking equipment without any assistance can be daunting. Luckily, as more and more air fryers are available, there are also more air fryer cookbooks available besides air fryer recipes that are available online.

Here are the best air fryer cookbooks that I would like to recommend to you.

Skinnytaste Air Fryer Dinners: 75 Healthy Recipes for Easy Weeknight Meals: Air Fryer Cookbook

skinnytaste air fryer cookbook

Skinnytaste delivers yet another calorie-friendly air fryer dinners edition, this time featuring “75 quick and easy air fryer dinner recipes that live up to Skinnytaste’s promise of light on calories, big on flavor.

In Skinnytaste Air Fryer Dinners, Gina delivers 75 air fryer meals that are the perfect quick solution to weeknight meals, hearty dinners that are satisfying served as is or with just a simple salad or side.

Air Fryer Cookbook for Beginners: 800 Quick and Delicious Air Fryer Recipes with Only 5 Ingredients Or Less for the Smart People 2022 Edition


The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook for Beginners simplifies mealtime by providing you with 800 taste-bud-pleasing recipes that are ideal for the air fryer.

You can find simple, step-by-step instructions, making it easy to create wonderful fresh (not frozen) meals. Ingredients are easy to find and there is something here for every taste, from grilled cheese and maple-bacon doughnuts to roasted lamb! I love that the nutrition facts are included too!

The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook: 1000 Recipes For Quick & Easy Air Fried Homemade Meals


Featuring 1000 Quick & Easy Air Fryer Recipes, your family will surely love these Crispy & Crunchy Meals! In this Complete Air Fryer Cookbook, you will find a wide selection of simple and delicious air fryer recipes.

This cookbook is nothing short of amazing! The author really nailed it. The Table of Contents is broken down into 9 sections: Breakfast Recipes, Snack/Appetizers, Meatless, Poultry, Fish/Seafood, Meat, Vegetables/Sides, Lunch, and Sweets. With that being said, you will have no problem finding just the right recipe for the occasion.

The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook: 1000 Flavorful and Effortless Recipes for Everyday Air Fryer Cooking


There are 1000 quick and easy air fryer recipes in the best air fryer cookbook. You’ll never be bored cooking in your air fryer! The amazing Air Fryer gets your favorite dinner ready in no time, without the extra calories, and you can have all your friends and family enjoy the crispy yet healthy food with you.

They have anything in here from Onion Rings, Chicken Tenders and Wings, to breakfast foods, and cool ethnic foods that you would never even think to make in an air fryer like Turkish Mutabal, which is an eggplant dip! It’s the perfect go-to cookbook to try something new that your family never tried, and you can easily find a lot of new favorites for you and your family using this cooking and experimenting with the different ideas and recipes!

The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook for Beginners 2022


With this best-selling Air Fryer book, you’ll be able to use your Air Fryer not only to cook but also to enjoy. This is your complete collection of quick and easy recipes that only require a few dollars’ worth of ingredients to start making at home.

The recipes are simple and easy to understand without the need for exotic ingredients or running to the store to buy multiple ingredients you’ll probably end up throwing away eventually.

Plant-Based Air Fryer Cookbook: 75 Whole-Food Vegan Recipes


Air fryers make it possible to cook nutritious and crave-worthy plant-based meals in a fraction of the time they would take in the oven.

This cookbook features vegan, whole-food recipes that can be made quickly and easily in the air fryer without any other pots, pans, or appliances!

I absolutely love this Vegan Cook Book! Janet and Maddie are very knowledgeable about ALL things Vegan! They also have a wonderful Vegan YouTube Cooking channel called Vegan As Fork that literally taught me how to become a Vegan when my debilitating health issues demanded a change in my diet.

Take control of your new kitchen appliance with these essential air fryer cookbooks. Recipes from these books will help you make breakfast, lunch, dinner — and yes, even dessert — quickly and easily.