10 Mistakes You’re Making When Using Your Air Fryer

Mistakes when using air fryer

An air fryer is a kitchen appliance that has been gaining popularity in recent years. While it looks similar to a countertop convection oven, the air fryer works using a completely different principle. Instead of circulating hot air around the food, the air fryer uses a powerful fan to circulate hot air around the food, … Read more

Can You Reheat Pizza in Air Fryer?

Can You Reheat Pizza in Air Fryer

If you’re an air fryer owner, you’ve probably wondered if it’s possible to reheat pizza in air fryer. The answer is yes – you can reheat pizza in air fryer quite easily! In this blog post, we’ll share some tips on how to reheat pizza in air fryer so that it tastes delicious every time. … Read more

How to Clean An Air Fryer?

clean an air fryer

The air fryer is the newest darling of the kitchen. Who doesn’t love the taste of fried foods with 70-80% less oil over traditional deep-frying?  You finally decided to get an air fryer. You’ve tried it out, and you love those simple, delicious treats and snacks it creates. What you don’t like is the crusty, … Read more

Air Fryer Cooking Times Cheat Sheet


You must be the owner of a new air fryer or the soon-to-be owner of an air fryer. Everybody’s talking about the air fryer as it is so versatile. You can cook pretty much anything with it. The air fryer can replace an oven, microwave, deep fryer, or on the stovetop. With the air fryer, you can … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Air Fryers

cooking with air fryer

Frying without oil, how does it work? The whole idea of air frying sounds so incredible. You may have heard about air fryers and how that they can produce crispy fried foods with 70% – 80% less oil than deep-frying. Is it even possible? This trendy appliance has been very popular recently, but with your coffee machine, toaster oven, … Read more

Air Fryer vs Deep Fryer: What Are The Differences?

Air Fryer vs Deep Fryer

Many of us love fried food, who doesn’t? They are so crispy and flavorsome. But while fried food is hard to resist and incredibly tasty, it is also very unhealthy. Fried food is one of the most significant contributors to obesity and cardiovascular disease. By cutting down on the intake of fried food or by … Read more