Everything You Need to Know About Air Fryers


Frying without oil, how does it work? The whole idea of air frying sounds so incredible. You may have heard about air fryers and how that they can produce crispy fried foods with 70% – 80% less oil than deep-frying. Is it even possible?

This trendy appliance has been very popular recently, but with your coffee machine, toaster oven, Microwave oven, Instant pot on your already-packed kitchen top, do you still need another appliance?

If you’ve been on the fence about whether or not to purchase this trendy appliance, let’s take a look at how does the airfryer works to help you figure out if it is worth the money and the space of your kitchen countertop.

cooking with air fryer

What is an air fryer?

Philips introduced the Air Fryer in 2010. The electric appliance makes use of a patented Rapid Air Technology that enables you to fry crispy chips with less fat than a deep fryer! Its unique combination of fast circulating hot air and a grill element allows you to cook a variety of delicious vegetables, snacks, meat, and more, quickly and simply. As people are becoming more health-conscious, air fryer has also become a household essential for many families. According to Consumer Reports in 2019, the five best air fryers brands were Elite, Farberware, GoWISE, Ninja, NuWave, respectively.

How does an air fryer work?

Source: GoWISE USA

The air fryer does not actually fry like a deep fryer, by submerging food into a bath of hot oil. It works similarly like a countertop convection oven. It’s a kitchen appliance with a heating element and a fan that blows air around in a cooking chamber. By placing the food into a perforated basket, the machine cooks the food by this circulating air technique called convection. The air combining with just a little bit of oil, swirl very quickly around all of the surfaces of the food to create a crispy crust.

What Can You Cook in an Air Fryer?

The most common food that people tend to cook with the air fryer are packaged frozen foods like frozen chicken wings, chicken nuggets, burgers, and French fries.

You can cook anything that you can bake in an air fryer. Lamb chops, steak, roasted potatoes, banana bread, anything that you can think of baking, you can try to make in the fryer. The only drawback is that for food that needs to be breaded, it cannot be too wet.

Air fryers are great for cooking vegetables. Brocolli, cauliflowers, zucchini, and kale are great meals that you can make with it to make a healthy, fat-free meal.

Can I Skip the Oil Entirely?

Frying without oil entirely may not be possible with the air fryer. Most manufacturers recommend that you spray foods with at least a little oil. To add flavor to the food, I recommend adding some olive oil or butter.

Is Air Fryers Worth Buying?

While you may be able the same cooking results with the convection oven, it does not mean an airfryer isn’t worth adding to your kitchen collection.

The air fryer is convenient as it is easy to use and consume less energy than a convection oven. Preheating is not required before cooking, although some recipes do recommend preheating. Even the time need for preheating is much lesser compared to the convection oven. Furthermore, it produces crispy foods way faster than your oven.

With all the benefits of the airfryer like healthier food, shorter cooking time, ease of maintenance, and efficiency use of energy, it is an appliance that is very worth it to add to your kitchen.

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