Air Fryer Cooking Times Cheat Sheet

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You must be the owner of a new air fryer or the soon-to-be owner of an air fryer. Everybody’s talking about the air fryer as it is so versatile. You can cook pretty much anything with it. The air fryer can replace an oven, microwave, deep fryer, or on the stovetop. With the air fryer, you can cook food with less or little oil, and it is so much healthier.

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As a new user of the air fryer, you must be unsure of the cooking times needed for different food. Fret not, with this handy air fryer cooking times cheat sheet, cooking with the air fryer just got a whole lot simpler.

What Are the Air Fryer Cooking Times?


Temp (°F)Time (min.)Temp (°F)Time (min.)
Breasts, bone in (1.25 lbs)37025Legs, bone in (1.75 lbs)38030
Breasts, boneless (4 oz.)38012Wings (2 lbs)40012
Drumsticks (2.5 lbs)37020Game Hen (halved – 2 lbs)39020
Thighs, bone in (2 lbs)38022Whole Chicken (6.5 lbs)36075
Thighs, boneless (1.5 lbs)38018-20Tenders3608-10


Temp (°F)Time (min.)Temp (°F)Time (min.)
Burger (4 oz.)37016-20Meatballs (3-inch)38010
Filet Mignon (8 oz)40018Ribeye, bone in (1-inch, 8 oz)40010-15
Flank Steak (1.5 lbs)40012Sirloin steaks (1-inch, 12 oz)4009-14
London Broil (2 lbs)40020-28Beef Eye Round Roast (4 lbs)39045-55
Meatballs (1-inch)3807

Pork and Lamb

Temp (°F)Time (min.)Temp (°F)Time (min.)
Loin (2 lbs)36055Bacon (thick cut)4006-10
Pork Chops, bone in (1-inch, 6.5 oz)40012Sausages38015
Tenderloin (1 lb)37015Lamb Loin Chops (1-inch thick)4008-12
Bacon (regular)4005-7Rack of Lamb (1.5 – 2 lbs)38022

Fish and Seafood

Temp (°F)Time (min.)Temp (°F)Time (min.)
Calamari (8 oz)4004Tuna steak4007-10
Fish Fillet (1-inch, 8 oz)40010Scallops4005-7
Salmon, fillet (6 oz)38012Shrimp4005
Swordfish steak40010


Temp (°F)Time (min.)Temp (°F)Time (min.)
Asparagus (sliced 1-inch)4005Mushrooms (sliced 1/4-inch)4005
Broccoli (florets)4006Peppers (1-inch chunks)40015
Brussels Sprouts (halved)38015Potatoes (small baby, 1.5 lbs)40015
Carrots (sliced 1/2-inch)38015Potatoes (baked whole)40040
Cauliflower (florets)40012Squash (1/2-inch chunks)40012
Corn on the cob3906Sweet Potato (baked)38030-35
Eggplant (1 1/2-inch cubes)40015Tomatoes (cherry)4004
Fernel (quartered)37015Tomatoes (halves)35010
Kale Leaves25012Zucchini (1/2-inch sticks)40012

**The cooking times may vary for different air fryers.

You can download the air fryer cooking times cheat sheet by clicking on the image below.

Download Air Fryer Cooking Times Cheat Sheet
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